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The Be One armband is a patented on-board laboratory! Measure your salt and water losses, and even the sodium concentration of your sweat.


Through the angle of sweating, we have developed performance indicators. Finally understand how your body works, the power of thermoregulation or even to what extent your body learns over time to manage its effort...! Measure your losses to better compensate for them. Create the hydration drinks that suit you!


The armband collects your personal information in response to exercise. They are sent in real time to your Be One mobile application. Then, receive alerts through your app to hydrate yourself at the right time.  

Reveal your performance through your App tab "REVIEW" and all your performance indicators.


Our scientific studies developed in-house by our engineers and physiologists have revealed a link between variation in the sodium concentration of sweat and the intensity of effort. This means, as with heart rate, it is possible to determine thresholds and performance levels based on the salt content of the athlete's sweat. Our expertise in body thermoregulation mechanisms for athletes even makes it possible to construct different performance indicators. They are new and unique. We present to you the TSCI: Thermoregulation and Sodium Conservation Index and the Physiological Battery.

BeOne VERSION COACH (en développement)

With the BeOne Coach version, a single administrator - coach, nutritionist, physiotherapist or researcher - can manage the hydration and performance strategies of several subjects at once, both in real time and with post-session data summaries and generation of profiles (clustering).
The coach version allows you to obtain both a macro (team) and micro (individual) view of the team's performance in complete safety.

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BeOne, our science

Our sweat analysis goes well beyond simply indicating water and electrolyte losses. We have developed a real physiological measurement. The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms owned by Belab make it possible to understand how the body adapts to exercise over time and even predict the
evolution of your performance...

FAQ - Questions from our users

How does the BeOne armband work?

The BeOne is equipped with sensors that collect data from your sweat, such as sweat flow, sodium concentration, water and sodium loss. This data is then transmitted to a smartphone application which provides recommendations for hydration and improved performance.

How do I check the battery level of my armband without using the app?

Thanks to the LED indicators.

Immediately press and release the armband to display the LED. The armband should not be connected.

Green => 100%
Flashing green => 80%
Yellow=> 60%
Flashing yellow => 40%
Red =>20%
Flashing red => close to 0%

Do I have to use 1 consumable each session or can I reuse them?

Currently, the maximum usage time for a collector (consumable) is 5 hours. Once the collector is used, it loses its accuracy during subsequent measurements. Our
team of engineers is currently working on a collector recycling solution.

Be careful, however, from the moment the collector is used it cannot be reused.

Is the Be One armband comfortable to wear?

The BeOne was developed for endurance sports and can be used for other sports, such as tennis (see list of sports in the application). Simply, for a more precise measurement it is necessary to adjust it well, tighten it without it causing a tourniquet. It can be positioned 4 cm from the crease of the arm at the level of the forearm.

Is the Be One armband data secure?

Yes, data security is a priority for us. The data collected by the Be One armband is
secure. Belab applies the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How can I get help if I have a problem with my BeOne?

If you have any questions or technical problems, you can contact our customer service via our website or by email. We are here to help you !

Where can I buy a Be One armband?

You can order your Be One cuff directly on our website or from our authorized

BeLab is a company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for athletes. Our flagship product is the Be One connected armband, designed to measure and analyze athletes' sweat in real time, offering personalized advice for better hydration and performance.