• Injury Prevention:

    The Be One cuff provides accurate analysis of your sweat, allowing you to adjust your hydration and minimize the risk of dehydration-related injuries.

  • Elimination of Cramps:

    By monitoring your sweat flow and sodium loss in real time, Be One helps you prevent muscle cramps, ensuring optimal performance during your physical activities.

  • Maintaining Cognitive Performance:

    By monitoring the sodium concentration of sweat, the Be One armband helps maintain your electrolyte balance, thus preserving your cognitive abilities during your workouts.

  • Overall Performance Improvement:

    By understanding the specific needs of your body during exercise, Be One allows you to optimize your hydration, thus promoting high-level athletic performance.

Discover the advantages that make Be One a must:

1. Advanced physiological measurements in real time:
-Track total water loss.
-Measure your calorie loss accurately. Analyze total sodium loss.
-Know the sodium concentration of sweat. Measure sweat rate.
-Explore the humidity of the environment.

-Turn your cuff into an on-board laboratory.
-Access accurate data to better understand your body.
-Get innovative calorimetric measurement.

2. Personalized advice to optimize hydration:
-Receive advice tailored to your needs during and after exercise.
-Maximize your performance with personalized hydration.
-Benefit from alerts to maintain optimal balance.

3. Monitoring the evolution of performance:
-Compare your results session after session.
-Quantify the evolution of your performance.
-Get insights to adjust your training program.

4. Ease of use and connectivity:
-User-friendly application to view real-time data.
-Connectivity with iOS and Android platforms.

Choose Be One, the essential ally to achieve your sporting goals and take care of your well-being.

Discover the future of physiological monitoring with Be One, the connected armband that goes beyond your expectations, a real on-board laboratory!