To fully understand, let's start with a little theory... and two key principles. The sodium concentration of your sweat and the thermoregulation carried out by your body.

Regular physical training influences the composition of sweat, in particular its sodium concentration, due to several physiological adaptations. Here is a detailed explanation of the process:

The thermoregulation mechanism is essential during physical effort because it allows the body to maintain a stable internal temperature despite increased heat production due to muscular activity.

If the body temperature rises too high, it can lead to serious problems like heatstroke or hyperthermia. Here is how this mechanism works and how the measurements of certain parameters make it possible to evaluate it:


TSCI - Thermoregulation and Sodium Conservation Index

BeOne allows you to build different measurement indicators and performance monitoring. The Thermoregulation and Sodium Conservation Index (TSCI) is an absolute measure that makes it possible to evaluate the physiological impact of exercise on the thermoregulation mechanism.


To construct an index for measuring physiological battery-type performance, we can combine measurements of sodium concentration in sweat, water loss (or sweat flow) and skin temperature. This index will aim to evaluate the physiological capacity of an individual to effectively produce an effort by taking into account thermoregulation and electrolyte balance.


BeOne is an innovative device for measuring the energy dissipated by your body through sweat during exercise. Understanding this energy is crucial to optimize your performance and ensure good thermoregulation.