Salon Fitex, belab by Beone

Fitex in Paris: Be Lab at the Sports Innovation Summit

Be Lab shone brightly during its participation at the Fitex show, the largest show dedicated to fitness in France. Our founder, Jean-Philippe Garnier, gave a captivating interview, sharing his vision and behind the scenes of our flagship product, the Be One connected armband.

The Exclusive Interview at the Fitex Show:


During this unmissable event for fitness enthusiasts, Jean-Philippe Garnier took the floor to unveil the revolutionary features of Be One. The interview was an opportunity to dive into the heart of the design of the connected armband and explore its impact on optimizing sports performance.

Redefining Fitness with Be One:


Be One is not content to be a simple accessory. Jean-Philippe shared how Be One is redefining the fitness experience by offering real-time data on water and salt loss during exercise. Visitors to the Fitex show had the unique opportunity to discover how this connected armband goes beyond expectations, offering personalized advice for better hydration and optimized recovery.

🔗 Link to the Full Interview:

To relive this captivating experience, we invite you to watch the full interview with Jean-Philippe Garnier on our YouTube channel

Dive into the details of this adventure at the Fitex show and discover how Be Lab is revolutionizing the connected fitness landscape.

Be Lab continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the world of connected fitness. The exclusive interview with Jean-Philippe Garnier at Fitex highlights our commitment to improving sports performance through cutting-edge technologies.

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