BeLab Interviewé par Challenges

BeLab Interviewed by Challenges

BeLab Interviewed by Challenges: The Be One Armband, Revolution in Connected Sport

We are delighted to share with you a recent interview with Challenges, a renowned French business magazine. This interview highlights BeLab's Be One Armband, a revolutionary innovation that promises to redefine the sports experience.

Real-Time Monitoring:


The Be One, this new generation connected armband, offers athletes the possibility of monitoring their water and salt loss in real time during exercise. This unique feature helps improve sports performance while reducing fatigue.

Advanced Technology:


Equipped with a patented microfluidic collector, the Be One measures the flow of sweat in real time over a period of up to 4 hours, whatever the sport practiced. Please note that a long-term operating mode will be implemented in future updates.

Personalized Advice:


In addition to monitoring, Be One offers personalized advice to athletes to improve their hydration during exercise and optimize their recovery after exercise. The technology performs a double measurement, significantly impacting the calculation of calories by taking into account sweat and skin temperature.

Imminent launch:


Belab is currently in the launch phase of its first production of connected armbands, with delivery planned before the Christmas holidays. Customers can now pre-order their equipment by paying a deposit of 50 euros, thus benefiting from a 25% discount on the initial price.

Connected Revolution:


BeLab's patented technology opens the way to a revolution in the field of connected objects applied to sport. Additionally, it explores potential applications in the medical field, promising a significant advance in monitoring health and well-being.

To find out more, we invite you to watch the full interview here or on our YouTube channel:

The Be One Armband is much more than a simple sports accessory, it is a reinvented experience. Get ready to discover the future of connected sport with BeLab.

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Well sportingly,

The BeLab team

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